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How to study: Learning from the traditional approach
Khenpo Sonam Tsewang
Buddhist Wisdom, Practical Advice for Study, Practice & Retreat

How to study: Learning from the traditional approach

Lerab Ling, 23 March 2021

Khenpo Sönam Tsewang shared this teaching earlier in the year on how to study and what we can learn from the traditional approach to studying the Dharma in the Tibetan monastic system. Find out more about what techniques are used to really make the most out of any time spent studying and how the purpose or end result of studying dharma is understood traditionally.

Khenpo Sonam Tsewang is a Khenpo (equivalent to Professor of Buddhism) at Ngagyur Nyingma Institute, the advanced center of philosophical study at Namdroling Monastery. In addition to completing his monastic Shedra studies at the Ngagyur Nyingma Institute, he is also a graduate of the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies in Varanasi.

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