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Fifth Anniversary of Sogyal Rinpoche’s Parinirvana
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Fifth Anniversary of Sogyal Rinpoche’s Parinirvana

Annual Rigpa Sangha Gathering
Live on Zoom from 27-31 August 2024.

Open to all Rigpa students and members of all sanghas.
The event is presented in English with live translation into French, German, Spanish and Italian.

The event schedule, the Zoom link and all additional information will be provided on this page in due time.


This annual retreat brings together the whole sangha in a festive atmosphere to practise, celebrate, share stories, receive teachings, and simply for us to be together as a sangha. 

Each year this event has been held, something surprising or unexpected has been added to the programme at the last minute, making it an even more joyful and auspicious time.

The practice programme that is the heart of the retreat includes a range of practices to enable everyone to participate, wherever we are on the path. We will practise meditation, Guru Yoga, Riwo Sangchö, Rigdzin Düpa* and offer an abundant tsok feast every day. 

Interspersing practice sessions, we will revisit some of Sogyal Rinpoche’s best teachings and hear stories from his life, as well as receive teachings and advice from Rigpa teachers and practice holders as well as Rigpa’s spiritual advisors, either in person or online. 

During the 2023 retreat, the inner stupa of Sogyal Rinpoche was consecrated in a ceremony led by Tulku Rigdzin Pema Rinpoche and Khenchen Pema Sherab Rinpoche. In 2024 we will see the construction of the Great Enlightenment Stupa outside the Lerab Ling temple. This stupa will contain millions of mantras, thousands of tsa-tsas, specially prepared mandalas that liberate upon sight, and numerous other texts and precious substances. If the construction goes according to plan, the consecration for the stupa may auspiciously take place during the retreat to commemorate Rinpoche’s parinirvana. (We will keep the sangha updated about the stupa consecration plans as we get closer to the event).

As in previous years, we look forward to sharing the retreat with the wider family of students of other teachers who are connected to Rigpa, many of whom have joined us for this event over the last 4 years.

Many people have shared that this retreat has produced some of the most inspiring and magical moments for them in recent years in Lerab Ling. We hope this experience will continue in 2024.

You can choose your contribution freely

The following suggested contributions are based on a participation in the entire event.
Please adapt your contribution according to your financial situation and to the number of days you intend to participate.
- Suggested contribution:   €180 for the full 5-day programme*, or €45 per day
- If you want to give more:  €280 for the full 5-day programme*, or €70 per day
- If you have less means:     €108 for the full 5-day programme*, or €27 per day

*The programme of Sogyal Rinpoche's anniversary on the 28th of August is free.