About Us

What is Prajna?

We all need Prajna (wisdom) - wisdom to navigate this life, wisdom to come to understand our mind, wisdom to cultivate compassion and love for others and ourself, and wisdom to guide us beyond this life - all the way to enlightenment.
Prajna offers a treasure trove of wisdom from the Tibetan Buddhist tradition - with a vast collection of teachings from masters who lived and taught in Tibet, through to today’s young Western and Tibetan teachers. This collection comes from not only one tradition, but from all schools of Tibetan Buddhism, and indeed other spiritual traditions—in the unbiased spirit of Rimé (non-sectarianism).

This vast collection of teachings, courses, advice and live online programmes is personalised and adapted to your life, aspirations and the topics you wish to focus on in your study and practice of the Buddhadharma.

Find your Prajna.

All the materials found in Prajna are grouped according to five stages or categories, to make it easier for you to find the content that is right for you:
  • Discovery & Foundations of the Buddhist Path
  • Mahayana
  • Vajrayana - preliminaries (ngöndro)
  • Vajrayana - (tantra & sadhana)
  • Dzogchen
The site will begin with an online library and new content will be added regularly including new courses, inspiring short video teachings and advice, and live and delayed online events.

Who is Prajna?

Prajna is a project of Rigpa and is registered as a non-profit charitable organisation (Stichting), registration number 80113761. Since 1979 Rigpa has been welcoming teachers of all Buddhist traditions and many of the teachings given since that time form the basis of this library.