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The Way of the Great Perfection - Monthly live sessions

The Way of the Great Perfection - review of monthly sessions

Join the full programme which includes the monthly sessions plus weekly study and other materials:
-> Register for the full programme with your national Rigpa.
-> Join the monthly live sessions on Zoom via this event page.

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  • Thomas - 3 months ago
    Hi, it is really bad how difficult it is to find the access to the AEPE as well as the special montly teachings. Why couldn´t there be an easy direct link on the starting page ? Thomas
    Christian - 3 months ago
    As communicated by your national team the monthly LIVE sessions on Zoom can be accessed via this event page https://prajnaonline.org/teaching-event/the-way-of-the-great-perfection. The recordings can be access on this very compilation page in the playlist above. There also is a link to the monthly sessions on the homepage, it's in the section "New"